Your children will become who you are, so be who you want them to be.

Our family mantra is ‘BE KIND, BE GENEROUS,AND HAVE FUN.’ I repeat this to my kids every morning before they head off to school. And these are words I live by. 

I launched the Create Your Happy blog to help fellow mamas create more space in their lives. You’ll find countless resources on everything from organized design ideas for your home, party planning guides, gift recommendation, shopping lists, quick & healthy recipes, and personal styling tips.

Whatever has led you here, I hope you find something that will make you smile, something that will bring you joy, and something that will help you create YOUR happy.

I’m always on the hunt for amazing must-haves!
Check out some of my favorite finds for your home, wardrobe,
and whatever else life throws your way.

I’m Shiri. A retired Experiential Marketer turned Mommy Stylist.
For the past 10 years I’ve been helping busy moms create their happy places – in their homes, bodies, and lives. I’m so happy you’re here!


What is Organized Design?

Designers' primary focus is the aesthetics of a space, while professional organizers are trained to focus on functionality. With organized design, you get the best of both worlds. Who said you can't have a beautiful space that functions just right for you and your family needs?


HOW you use the space

WHO you share the space with

WHERE you tend to use specific items

WHEN you spend time in certain rooms

WHAT types of textures and materials fit into your lifestyle

WHY certain things have (or haven’t) worked for you in the past.


I believe we can implement organized design concepts into every aspect of our lives – not just the physical space.


I HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH BUSY MOMS SINCE 2011. Together we clear the physical and mental clutter and enable them to ‘create their happy’  — in their homes, lives, and relationships.  I’ve been busy – 

  • Designing spaces in their home that work better for them and their family’s lifestyle.

  • Overhauling wardrobes and making over their own image to help them feel fabulous in their own skin.

  • Hosting classes and socials introducing moms to other like-minded women and helping them cultivate new local friendship.

  • Curating unique event designs so they don’t need to work so hard and can enjoy making memories with loved one.

  • Offering day-to-day advice to simplify their lives and create more space and time for the things and people they love.

Tips, Tricks and Hacks for a Happy Life

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