A Corner of My Home – A Master Sitting Area


Moving in the midst of the pandemic translated to holding off on in-person furniture shopping for a bit longer. We chose to split up our beloved Linge Roset sectional that used to be in our old living room, and use one section in a cozy sitting area in our master bedroom.

The inspiration for this corner is one of our favorite prints – Richard Diebenkorn’s CITYSCAPE #1.

The rug that was already in the room is a super soft, oversized, chenille rug with an oriental rug-inspired pattern in denim blues, ivory, and shades of brown. The colors from the rug pop out of the print. The neutral color of the couch, the colors of the pillows, and even the dark weave of the basket are all present in the print.

Personally, I don’t like “centering” furniture, but I do like to balance the room – using colors, and physical furniture, as “weights”.  I think a space (a room, a wall, etc), is much more pleasing to the eye when it is split in 3’s instead of halves.

In this case – the artwork “occupies” 1/3 of the wall and the couch balances off the other 2/3s.

Since the ceiling is sloped, I wanted to highlight the height of the room, so I placed the picture off-center and closer to the tallest corner in the room.  The dark basket placed under the framed print pulls your eye down and creates a nice anchor on the floor. The bottom of the picture frame is about the same distance from the top of the back pillow as it is from the edge of the wall (creating a nice framed corner of the wall around the picture.


Invest in some great down 22″x22″ down pillow fillers.

Then, have fun swapping the covers and play with color. If you use 22×22 inserts in 20×20 pillows, you can achieve the popular “karate chop” and the designer pillow look with any cover. Personally, I love the IKEA Sanela covers (20×20, or the floor pillows @ 26″x26″). They are super soft, come in a lovely mix of colors, wash well in the washing machine (critical with kids!) and hold up nicely (we’ve had ours for 7 years).


I’m not sure if this corner will stay this way, but for now, it makes me happy. What do you think?

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